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For authors

When preparing the article, the following requirements should be taken into account:

  1. “The Journal of Radiation Researches” accepts original, unpublished articles and book reviews in the following fields – radiation research and its practical aspects, radiation chemistry, radiation material sciences, radiation safety, radiation technologies, radiochemistry, radiobiology, radioecology and other related fields.
  2. Articles must be written in English.
  3. The article must be sent on a CD or to the e-mail address ([email protected]) together with the signed commitments. When preparing an article to submit, the following requirements should be taken into account: the title of the article, the author's name, address, abstract, keywords, the text, including the results, significance and reference of the study
  4. The file format should match Microsoft Word format in Times New Roman. Page margins - top 3 cm, bottom 3 cm, left 3 cm, right 1.5 cm. The main text should be written in 12 font, with one space. Articles should be submitted in triplicate, written in 12 font size on one side of an A4 sheet. The title of the article should be written in the middle of the page and in bold letters. The author's name should be written in the middle of the line below the article title, single-spaced, followed by the author's e-mail address.
  5. The volume of the article should not exceed 10 pages.
  6. The abstract should be written in English, Russian and Azerbaijani languages in 11 fonts, 100-150 words. The abstract of the article should be relevant to the context of the article. The research result, innovation and practical significance of the article should be briefly mentioned by the author(s) in the abstract. The title of the article and the full name(s) of the author(s) should be clearly written in the abstract.
  7. Keywords should not exceed six words.
  8. The PACS alphabetical index should be used in the article.
  9. Figures, graphs and tables should be of publication quality and within the text. Figures and graphs should be listed below and tables above.
  10. References should be given in square brackets in the text and should be listed at the end of the article according to the order within the text. Where applicable, name(s) of author(s), title of journal/book, title of chapter/article, publication year, volume number/book section and page should be given.
  11. The decision to publish a certain article is made based on the opinion and recommendations of the members of the editorial board of the journal. Members of the journal’s editorial board may ask the author of the article to make corrections to the article before publication.

Editorial office address: Az1143, B.Vahabzade str., 9, Baku, Institute of Radiation Problems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, editorial office of the journal “Journal of Radiation Researches”

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